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About Marietta Health & Wellness Center

We Treat Many Conditions

Marietta Health & Wellness Center, formerly known as Dexter Chiropractic, combines chiropractic care with medical and therapeutic procedures in one state-of-the art facility located in Marietta, Ohio. We use integrated techniques to treat the underlying cause of the problem, rather than the effects of the problem.

What We Offer

We excel in chiropractic care


Chiropractic Care

Gentle, effective care of the spinal column with the use of the hands or instruments to provide correct movement, improve function, and decrease muscle irritation.


Massage Therapy

This provides an increase to muscle dilation and improves muscle healing time. In addition, massage therapy provides a decrease in pain associated with soft tissue injury.


Physical Therapy

Our physical therapist and physical therapy assistant plan and execute rehabilitation programs to aid patients’ in their return to a higher level of physical functioning after an accident and/or surgery.


Athletic Training

The athletic trainer and the physician work together in order to enhance the care of the patient and prevent further injury from occurring in athletes. Along with serving as Marietta College’s team chiropractor, our office also helps with extra athletic training needs for the college athlete.

Strengthening Programs

We understand that each patient is unique and requires special exercises based on age and physical condition.

Trigger Point Therapy

This therapy utilizes massage techniques conservatively to improve musculature function through manual pressure, vibration, injection, or other treatment is applied to these points to relieve pain.

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10,000+ Patients Served

We have provided chiropractic care to over 10,000 residents in our local community

30 Years of Experience

Dexter Chiropractic opened in 1993. Marietta Health & Wellness Center was formed in 2010

Trusted Community Care

Our office works as a liaison with the patient’s own family doctor to coordinate care, and to provide advise on complications


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