What Our Patients Say

We take great pride in helping our patients. Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our patients say:

“My lower back was very tight and hurt quite often. After recieving treatment, my back has began to feel much better and my day to day activities that I participated in such as softball and golf, they have become much easier and pain free. Thank you Dr. Dexter and your wonderful smiling staff for all you have done for me.”


“I am finally able to walk up and down stairs without pain. The staff is very friendly and courteous. The office was able to accomodate me, and not the other way around.”


“This office staff had helped me so much. I was not able to sleep at night due to my right hurting so much. Even painkillers did not help. I came to see Dr. Dexter and it was amazing. I really did not think I could be helped. Thank You to all of the staff!”


“I have neck and shoulder strain because my job requires a lot of computer work. This has caused me to hace a lot of headaches and migraines. Since I’ve been under chiropractic care, I haVe felt a lot of my pain being relieved and the headaches are decreasing. Thank you very much! Everyone in the office is great!”


“I had three accidents, falling down stairs, missing steps, and lifting a patient that weighed 250 pounds. I was hurting so bad over the weekend, and Dr. Dexter treated me for my case that same weekend. Everyone at the office treated me like they had always known me. I had x-rays before they would even adjust me. I had to have surgery on my back in May of 1998, but I came into the office twice a week for treatment. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”


“When I started coming I had pains in my neck, shoulders, arms and fingers and severe headaches. I figured surgery was the only answer, however, after my first two treatments my symptoms lessened by 80 percent and after a week it lessened by 95 percent. I’m completely satisfied.”


“Since coming to Dr. Dexter’s office, I have seen a great improvment in my strength. I am able to breathe better and my endurance is much improved. I even had a doctor who has taken the time to explain and plan out my chiropractic care. I also believe my mental attidue is better. I can now concentrate on my job without neck pain. I have less tension problems. I would like to thank the doctors and staff for my great care. They are amazing and wonderful people. “


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